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Rachel Redding is a dancer, choreographer, photographer, and artist based in Houston, Texas.

With roots in ballet, jazz, modern, and urban dance styles, Rachel Redding has been performing locally in Houston for over 10 years. She has had the pleasure of training with a variety of choreographers in and outside of Houston along with performing with many local dance organizations over the years such as Dance Houston, MetDance, Houston City Dance, SoReal, WyldStyl Dance Crew, Dance Source Houston and more.

In 2017, Rachel took a year off from school to explore the commercial dance industry in Los Angeles, California. While living in LA, she was fortunate enough to learn from critically acclaimed commercial choreographers such as Brian Friedman, Galen Hooks, Tori Best, Bo Park, Marc Spaulding, and many more.

As a choreographer, Rachel blends her experiences in the commercial, theatrical, and contemporary dance worlds to create work that is thoughtful and engaging. She has presented original works at Dance Source Houston’s “Mind the Gap” series and the University of Houston’s Emerging Choreographers Showcase. Rachel continues to explore new and innovative ways to blend her favorite styles of dance for stage and screen projects.

Currently, Rachel is studying at Sam Houston State University, where she will receive her BFA in Dance. She continues to perform, teach, and choreograph work on a project basis.


As a teaching artist, my goal is to create spaces for my students to feel free to be exactly who they are. I encourage and value experimentation, exploration, and thoughtful discussion in my classes. I don't want my classes to be transactional, I want to connect with each person who walks into my class and make them feel safe to be exactly who they are.

Dance & Choreography


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